• wine identification style
  • vinification and storage techniques
  • winery project and planning
  • grape harvest choice


  • analysis of productive potential
  • agronomic management of the vineyards
  • management of the crop diseases
  • projecting new vineyards


  • chemical and microbiologic analysis
  • molecular genetic analysis
  • soil analysis

legal advice and legislative

  • oenology and viticulture
  • food and beverages

professional training

  • upgrading and professional courses
  • tasting courses
  • apprenticeship for students

working services

  • organization of working groups
  • working on behalf
  • product promotion

research and sperimentation

  • experimentation and research
  • feasibility of research project
  • managing and projecting of energetic row


  • Our business partners can have access of our database for checking and taking any kind of technical informations like results of the chemical analysis, news, etc.
  • Furthermore we organize technical and scientific meeting for improve our and your knowledge

quality control

  • haccp
  • certifications
  • iso 9001
  • uni ce en iso/iec 17025
  • traceability system